My weekly ritual that changes everything

Nearly every Sunday evening for the past 7 years, I decide what 3 habits I’ll focus on in the coming week.  Then, I make sure I do those 3 things every day.  It usually takes several weeks to really make a habit stick for the long run, but this initial commitment serves 3 purposes:

1. It gives me something to devote my enthusiastic attention to, and has me feeling proud of my progress, even through life’s ups & downs.
2. Committing to just 1 week is a way to get started without feeling overwhelmed by the weight of “I should do this forever.
3. By focusing on just 3 things for just 1 week, I can make adjustments to my habits from week-to-week, until I really find my groove.

Before this practice, I would write mammoth lists of all the habits I wanted to embrace, and tackle them all at once.  By Monday evening I’d be zoning out on the couch with a bag of potato chips, feeling like a miserable failure of a human being.  No worky.

The simple ritual of choosing 3 weekly habits has changed my life.

This week's 3 daily habits:  an early morning walk; playing my ukulele; solo meals at the dining table, always.

This week’s 3 daily habits:
Early morning walks; practicing my ukulele; all solo meals at the dining table.

This week, what 3 habits will you embrace?

Here are some guidelines that may help:
* Make them daily habits.  This will help them stick.
* Each morning, set up a reminder system for each habit (an alarm on your phone, for example.)
* Tell your friends for accountability!  Have them play with you.
* Don’t set the bar so high that you feel discouraged.  Small steps add up.

—> I know this exercise is simple, but sometimes simple things make big impact. Will you join me?  In the comments below, share what 3 habits you’ll embrace this week!  I’d love to be your cheerleader.

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  1. Elizabeth

    Absolutely love this post and it couldn’t come at a better time! My three habits I want to embrace are waking up early, going to bed early, and having dinner planned so that I don’t end up staying up late at night trying to work and have meals unplanned.

    • Nisha

      Hula hooping! You have no idea how much you’ve inspired me to get a hula hoop now, Melissa :)

      Have fun!

  2. Camila

    A green juice in the morning.
    15 meditation.
    Night time streaches.

    Thank you for this lovely simple reminder. Do you carry on the same habits from week to week sometimes?

    • Nisha

      Night time stretches…good one, Camila.
      I will add that one when these ones stick.

      And yes, the same habits stay until they stick!


  3. Becca

    My 3 habits for the week each morning:
    - oil pulling with coconut oil
    - meditation (this morning I listened to Elayne Doughty – holy moly!)
    - breakfast with greens (smoothie, juice, or sauteed!)

    xo Nisha. This is fun!

    • Nisha

      Becca love, you’ll have to teach me oil pulling!
      And isn’t Elayne the best?!


  4. Lauren

    Great idea! My three habits are: walking my dog every day at least 1x, plank, and read 10 pages of a good book a day.

  5. sarah

    Thats awesome! Sometimes I feel like there are so many things I am trying to do/change/add it can feel overwhelming. But I like this idea of 3 things, one week….I can handle that. 3 things: eating smaller portions, moving my body everyday, no email in bed.

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Katie

    Nisha, such a timely and lovely post!
    Thank you. <3
    Mine for the week:
    Morning pages
    The Desire Map
    and Business Planning (Calendar Set-Up)

    • Nisha

      Awesome, Katie :)

      So you’ll be Desire Mapping & Business Planning each day?

      Big hugs,

  7. Natacha

    Awesome, I am doing the same for a few weeks: just having one week goals, with friends accountability, so I can actually have the reward in one week, not when I am 60 years old!
    This week: 15minutes yoga and 10 minutes breathing/meditation before work every morning and singing a song I like out loud even if my voice is clumsy :)

  8. Nancy

    Great practice!
    My focus this week will be exercise, healthy cooking, spending time with friends.

  9. Sarah

    Love the simplicity of this!
    My three for this week: Walk or run every day at lunch, eat a salad or fruit with lunch, and get back to my nightly progress report or gratitude list.

    • Nisha

      Love the nightly gratitude list, Sarah :)
      Are you living somewhere warm that a walk
      at lunch is inviting?


    • Nisha

      Morning breakfast is so important!
      Glad you’re including that, Hakikah.

      Big hugs,

  10. ishita

    Yes honey – dancing (solo or in class -Michael jackson mondays dance class leaves me walking on AIR), eating food from home (not ordering out), and writing a little each day (for work or pleasure). Good reminder.

  11. Rebecca

    I will, walk outside for 20 minutes everyday, practice my meditation breathing, eat raw spinach with my eggs in the morning.

  12. Giselle

    Awesome idea.
    It was my birthday this monday, and watching this just made me think about choosing 3 habits for this new year of mine: taking deep breaths & don’t let my impulses cause trouble, listen to my body, read & learn
    & 3 habits every week, this week would be: eating a salad per day, writing down whatever bothers my mind, find something positive everyday (anything that I enjoyed or was good)

  13. erin

    love this! (is there an echo in here? :D )
    1. clean my house for 10 minutes. (yes every day.)
    2. go for a walk (can be any/or of the following):
    – walk break at work
    -walk the dogs
    – evening walk with the hubs
    -greet the morning sunrise walk
    3. Practice asking my Oracle goddess, Ra (yes she’s a she. :) little questions and practice listening to a following the answers.

      • Erin

        I amended my 10 minutes to pick up 10 things. I hated the time limit, it’s nice to just pick up whatever 10 things I feel like, as SLOW as I want. Plus, tonight I ended up picking up a good 20 things! And last night I was SO tired, so I counted a pair of a shoes as 2. Ha! I feel like the mama who says honey just pick up 10 things, and the little kid who figures out which way she feels like doing it. You’re a light and a love, Nisha! Love this so much.

  14. Lindsay

    Loved this post! I’m usually the exact same in that I make a to do list that’s five pages long and then wonder why none of it gets accomplished! So this week I am transitioning to having a weekly to do list, rather than daily. I’m also creating workflow periods of time where I block off 1-2 hours in the evening, put my phone away, turn off email, and just immerse myself in whatever task I want to get done. I’m also really working on going to bed at 10:30pm every night, even if I haven’t accomplished all that I want to, because if I don’t get enough sleep, I will not be at my best the next day.

    Thanks for sharing :)

  15. Alina

    Definitely appreciate the blog about habits! I am making the habit of eating more greens. Just baked Kale and OMG so good!

  16. Tricia

    This is so perfectly aligned with my desire to get myself back into a purposeful practice of life.

    My three for this week (which I started today):
    -write in my journal every morning
    -floss every day (sad to say I don’t make it a daily practice but know I need to!)
    -send love, light and prayers to a loved one each morning

    Thanks for inspiring!

    • Nisha

      Tricia, this practice is how I sealed the deal with flossing.
      Cheering for you!

      Big hugs,

  17. Tarah Evans

    Hi Nisha-
    I just had to come back and re-read this post I loved it so much the first time! I used to set new goals and expect myself to do them (whatever they were) every day for the rest of eternity. Of course I crashed and burned a few days in and made myself feel like a total failure. This approach was really revolutionary! I started thinking about my weekly goals over the weekend and then on Sundays, like you suggested, choosing just 2-3 for the upcoming week. It transformed the whole idea and execution of goal-setting for me! I’m also trying different apps to help me track my progress; I’ve found some (that show the entire month) are just too overwhelming, but other apps just show you the upcoming week so it’s not as daunting. My three goals/practices for this week are 1) oil pulling (I read others doing this too, how funny!); 2) meditate at least 5 minutes; 3) say my angel prayers (I just took Doreen Virtue’s Angel Card Reading course and am trying to get better at talking to my angels! ) So thank you thank you thank you!! You truly made a difference in my life by sharing this approach. Much love, Tarah


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