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Are you exhausted, overworked,  and overwhelmed?

Do you want to feel exponentially better about your life…and yourself?

  • Some days, do you wake up feeling overwhelmed by your To-Do list before you’ve even taken your first breath?
  • Deep down, do you know that you’re not giving enough presence and attention to your health, your relationship, your friendships, and your desires…and you’re afraid that neglect is taking its toll?
  • Do you fantasize about the day when you’ll finally find the time for more travel, time with friends, better sleep, better self-care, and giving back?
  • When you’re stressed, do you turn to food, work, or other distractions?
  • Do you sometimes wonder what the point is of work-work-working towards greater freedom, when life can feel so stressful and overwhelming in your day-to-day?
  • Do you wish that you could finally start living your life in alignment with your true desires…or figure out what those desires even are?
  • Are you yearning to feel more spiritually connected, present, and grounded?
  • Even though you’re proud of your dedication to your work, do you secretly fantasize about a more free and fulfilling life?
  • Are you so overwhelmed that secretly, you sometimes feel disconnected from your mission, or feel despairing about whether you’re the best woman for the job?

If I’m reading your mind, sister, it’s only because I’ve been there too. When I shifted my thinking around my ambitions, learned how to stop using food and work to soothe and distract me, and took a more feminine and aligned approach to life and business, I found the kind of success and deep satisfaction I’d been craving for years…


“Nisha brings a feminine twist to everything she teaches and touches — an inclusive, sensual kind of wisdom that’s just what we need to round out our ambitions.”

Danielle LaPorte | Author of The Desire Map

“What I really needed was to become more of myself and to ease into love and trust of receiving help and guidance and that has changed my life, my relationship with my husband, my friendships and in the end it was the foundation of what I needed to rock out in my business.”

Jeannine Yoder | Founder Mentor Masterclass

Because I care and I love my work, I hustled hard. With unending drive, I spent all my waking hours working, until I hit a wall…

I was ambitious and determined, and had a mile long To-Do list. I was working my booty off with the intention that when I reached the next major milestone – arriving at “success” – I’d finally find the time to enjoy my life. In the meantime, I was increasingly exhausted and was neglecting everything else that was important to me: my relationship, my friendships, my family, my self-care, and my daily desires.

In truth, I had become a workaholic, working as a means to avoid all these other aspects of my life and feeling the effects of that neglect. I was exhausted, overworked, and overwhelmed. I didn’t feel very free.

I wanted to have more freedom in my life, and create more freedom for others, yet I was:

  • Completely overwhelmed with my schedule.
  • Heartbroken over my failing relationship.
  • Confused and working 24/7 in my business.
  • Embarrassed that I wasn’t taking great care of myself.
  • Depressed that I was losing sight of the meaning behind my work.
  • Trying to convince myself that since I loved my work, it was okay.
  • Feeling totally stressed, stifled, and stuck.

The harder I tried to hustle, the more depleted and stressed-out I felt. Although I loved my work, I started to have nagging feelings that amidst all this work, I was missing the true meaning of life. I felt like a physical and emotional wreck, and a fraud.


Then, one day I heard the Dalai Lama say, “The world will be saved by the western woman”, and I thought… which ones? It dawned on me that it wouldn’t be those of who felt totally misaligned with our work or ended up quitting, because we were too overwhelmed and depleted.

  • Bust out of my “someday” thinking, always deferring my pleasure for later. “Someday” is the disease that keeps us stranded somewhere between our reality and our desires. “Someday” will have us race through life faster, only to look back and wonder what happened to our dreams. “Someday” is today.
  • Commit fully – even without knowing exactly how – to ending my cycle of using food, shopping and work to soothe and distract me.
  • Realize that there was no power in waiting for my circumstances to change. I had to change my circumstances.
  • Admit that to truly make a difference in the world, it started with me…

“I’ve participated in many different coaching programs, but I find that your way of coaching is so unique and beautiful. You really dig deep and look at things from different angles. You’re really good at what you’re doing and that’s such a beautiful gift to the world. Thank you for doing this work with your full heart.”

Marja Milistver | Health Coach

“Fierce Fabulous Free has given me permission to slow down and enjoy life by taking care of myself. It has shown me that this is NOT in opposition to growing a business or making money or making a difference in the world. I feel more lit up from within and can feel my frequency better as it separates from the rest. I feel less guilty about not taking care of myself and now know the best things to do to feel good and be healthy. Nisha is a modern sage. I am so grateful for her and this course.”

Melanie Gordon |


1. Killing ourselves to save the world doesn’t work.

Somewhere along the way, we got the idea that to positively impact the world, we had to make some pretty huge sacrifices: a few too many take-out dinners, unhealthy habits, iPhone in bed, working late-nights (every night), less time (or no time) with our loved ones. Decreased happiness and increased stress.

The problem is, we are PART of the world we want to positively impact, and if we’re chronically overworked and overwhelmed, we’re stuck in an unsustainable cycle.

2. As women, how we live now is important.

I say this as a former foodaholic, shopaholic, and workaholic (no joke), and after working with hundreds of ambitious women who have fallen into the trap of thinking that we should just focus on “working on our business/career”. This belief has us turn our backs on the connection that is everywhere, between everything…

3. You are a whole and complete woman.
  • If you are stressed, it will impact your health and ability to be productive.
  • If your money is messy, it will impact your ability to focus on giving.
  • If you’re dealing with your own unhealthy relationships with time, food, other people or your own body, they are going to hold you back from making the kind of impact you want to  make in the world.
  • If you’re always waiting for “someday”, someday will never come

The new paradigm of women’s leadership calls us to step more fully into our role as changemakers by “being the change”, nurturing ourselves and our desires. It requires us to choose our freedom today, creating beautiful lives for ourselves, and doing the deep inner work to expand our sense of internal freedom. As our freedom deepens, our impact on the world broadens.


“My experience was not only fun but also very inspiring. The deep work and self-inquiry is necessary for living a life of freedom and fabulousness. We only become what we desire when we are that. Nisha did an amazing job facilitating that for me. I felt supported, loved, I felt like she had my back and was excited for me. That seems like her natural energy.”

Shauna Lay |

“Everything about Fierce Fabulous Free was pure gold. The course material was easily digestible as it was broken into 20-40 minute pieces, but packed full of wisdom. The material was unique and the community was absolutely wonderful.”

Julia Wells | Holistic Health Coach

“In the last 9 weeks, I just can’t believe the changes. There is increased boundaries and clarity. I feel like I say what I mean way more often, I have more direction, more awareness, and the biggest one is more connection. I have taken something from everything that has been shared and I’m very grateful.”

Genevieve Nolet | Artist, Massage Therapist, Content Specialist

Introducing FFF-Logo-new

A course in living with depth & intention for

ambitious women on a mission



This course in living is about bringing attention to all the important areas of your life – doing the deep inner and outer work – so you can truly feel free, and be the embodiment of the difference you want to see in the world.

Each week we will dive deep into an area of life – your Freedom Focus for the week – so you can fully awaken to your true potential, live a bold and joyful life, and feel successful, playful, and free.

A Course in Living with Depth & Intention

Weekly Exploration & Adventure

The deep inner work and fun outer work it takes to feel truly Fierce, Fabulous & Free

Weekly Group Coaching with Nisha,

so you can connect with the other women, and have all your questions answered

A Supportive Sisterhood that cheers you on,

inspires you, and supports you throughout the course, every step of the way

Guest Mentor Trainings

Master classes from the absolute best teachers in the world to support each week’s curriculum

Beautiful Gifts

To support your expansion – beautiful playsheets, a printed daily journal, and custom-designed gifts to delight and inspire you

Lifetime Membership

You’ll receive access to this program and the community, year after year, for the lifetime of the course


WEEK 1 Freedom Focus : TIME
  • Craft an inspiring, yet grounded vision for your future with the Future Memory exercise, to achieve clarity about the life and impact you’re creating.
  • Design a 12-month action plan that will bring space to your schedule and peace to your mind – your foundation for living with ambition and ease.
  • Learn my ninja Time Mastery Tools for a calendar that’s actually enjoyable to look at, and pleasurable to live in.
  • Uncover your Holistic High Leverage actions to take every day, to help you instantly end overwhelm and structure your day for success.
  • Learn my personal tried-and-true Productivity Practices for accomplishing more in less time, and more importantly, clarifying what’s worth doing.
  • Build your personal support team, so you can get it all done, without doing it all.
  • Learn the true Art & Science of Manifestation (because just wanting something isn’t always enough).
WEEK 2 Freedom Focus : PLAY
  • Cultivate a deeper awareness around your desires, feeling more successful every day.
  • Become a true Success Magnet, both in love and business (hint: playing is actually the most attractive thing you can do).
  • Design your perfect Freedom Adventure and make it happen!
  • Break out of cynicism and tension, and reclaim your childlike wonder.
  • Create your own personal weekly rituals.
  • Step more fully into Feminine Leadership, being the change you wish to see in the world.
WEEK 3 Freedom Focus : VITALITY
  • Take “walking your talk” to the next level, feeling healthier and stronger.
  • Create a quick and easy Morning Ritual filled with gorgeous self-care practices, that grounds and brightens your energy for the day.
  • Make space in your mind and body with a simple 1-week Food Freedom Cleanse.
  • Learn the Art of Mindful Eating, creating a beautiful relationship with food and your body.
  • Get consistent with your exercise, even if you never seem to find the time.
  • Get your sexy back, feeling more alive and vibrant.
  • Finally understand how to connect with and trust the voice of your intuition, and learn how to identify if that inner voice you’re hearing is fear or wisdom.
  • Embrace uncertainty, break through paralyzing fears, and begin to live life “in the flow”.
  • Create an Evening Ritual that honors your day, calms your heart, and sets you up for a powerfully productive day ahead.
  • Understand what to do to turn overwhelm on its head in an instant.
  • Use my favorite short Guided Meditations to find calm in any storm, and create a solid foundation so you feel less emotionally “thrown off”.
  • Learn the Art of Authentic Communication in business and life, so you can express your desires without flailing or freaking out.
  • Put attention back on the relationships you may be neglecting or avoiding.
  • Learn the tools for overcoming fears of connection, even if you’ve been burned before.
  • Discover the “switch” you can flip in yourself, to have your relating with others feel more beautiful and connected.
  • Learn how to ask for what you need from the people in your life, in a way that feels loving, gracious, and inviting.
  • Finally overcome overgiving, and learn how to create healthy boundaries, without becoming an ice queen.
WEEK 6 Freedom Focus : MONEY
  • Develop better financial hygiene, without spending hours counting each penny you’re spending on lattes.
  • Increase your clarity around how much money you actually need to create the lifestyle you want.
  • Free your mind from outdated money stories, and create an empowering relationship with money, regardless of how much you have.
  • See where you’ve been leaving money “on the table”, and bring it home.
  • Stop overspending. Period.
WEEK 7 Freedom Focus : CREATIVITY
  • Learn my surefire methods for jumpstarting creativity when you’re feeling “blah”.
  • Kick-off a creative project that excites and inspires you.
  • Start dressing in a way that makes you feel beautifully fabulous.
  • Re-design your home or work space to nurture your creative spark.
  • Uncage your Inner Bad Girl in a way that’s healthy, fun, and safe.
  • Engage with your authentic voice and share yourself with the world in a more meaningful way.
  • Create an event that establishes you as a leader in your own community.
  • Commit to giving in a way you’ve been wanting and waiting for.
  • Learn how to connect with prospective mentors and guides without coming off as desperate or needy.

What You’ll Recieve In The Course

Weekly Action + Adventure

Each Monday morning for eight weeks, you’ll receive an email to let you know that a new audio chapter of the course, along with companion playsheets, have been posted on the membership site (pictured at left). The chapter and playsheets can be downloaded and worked through on-the-go, at a time that works for you. You’ll be nourished with plenty of food for thought, and will be given clear action steps for the week. Each chapter is designed to inspire meaningful action.

N408 Weeks of Live Group Coaching With Nisha

In addition to the weekly downloadable classes, you’ll get plenty of live support from me. Each week, we’ll meet by phone as a group so you can receive personal laser coaching from me, diving into your most burning questions. These calls will help you clarify anything that you need specifically, in order to integrate the course teachings more deeply into your life. The full schedule can be found here.

Supportive Sisterhood

The Fierce Fabulous Free private Facebook group is where our community gathers to give and receive support, accountability, and cheerleading. This is a safe and sacred space to ask questions, share realizations, and let the community know what you’re up to – not a place for self-promotion or complaining. Loving and supportive sisterhood like you’ve never experienced.

Handcrafted Gifts

About halfway through the program, we’ll ship you a collection of custom Fierce Fabulous Free teas and anointing oil blends, to inspire and motivate you to keep going! These teas and oils will help you connect with and feel Fierce, Fabulous, Free.

Lifetime Membership
You’ll receive access to this program and the community, year after year, for the lifetime of the course. Welcome to the family!

Instant Access to Foundations of Freedom

As soon as you enroll, you’ll receive free access to the Foundations of Freedom interactive playsheet. In this chapter, we’ll discuss our core intention – freedom – and the operating paradigms and core beliefs that will anchor the content of this entire course.

Fierce Fabulous Free Daily Journal

Shortly after you enroll, you’ll receive a beautiful printed Fierce Fabulous Free Daily Journal, to set you on track for aligned action and positive traction in the direction of your desires. This journal takes just 5 minutes each morning and evening, and adds up to big impact over time.

$500 Discount for Artistry of Freedom

This one week retreat is focused on expanding freedom in your life & in the world. It’s a journey into your heart, to expand your leadership while living & working in alignment with your values and desires.

Guest Mentor Trainings I’ve gathered some of the world’s absolute best teachers in their fields, to round-out the course content and inspire and motivate you to put these teachings into action in your life. Their contributions alone have the power to change your life. Here they are:

2Danielle LaPorte
2Sarah Jenks
3Gabrielle Bernstein
4Kavita Patel
5Bryan Franklin
6Annie Lalla
7Alisa Vitti
8Selena Soo
9Amanda Steinberg
10Tim Ferriss
11LiYana Silver
12Hilary Rushford
13Kate Northrup
15Kalila Doughty
16Rebecca McLoughlin

“I was apprehensive of the cost, but Fierce Fabulous Free brought me to a new level of consciousness about how I live my life and has spurned new ideas that will help me to be a better woman. It supported me in coping with the end of a significant romantic relationship, and helped me move forward with my life, get beyond my grief, and gave me the tools I need to grow and become a better person!”

Anna Young, CPA and Holistic Health Blogger

“Fierce Fabulous Free was an outstanding chance to connect with a global tribe in a deep way. The Vitality chapter was hugely helpful – and instead of struggling with my finances and overall lethargy, I now feel much more centered and grounded after having taken the course. It is a part of me!”

Kim, Artist, Writer & Founder of Beauty School

“I wondered whether a course like Fierce Fabulous Free would really help me feel more spacious, free, and grounded as an entrepreneur, and I’m happy to say it absolutely 100% DID. For example, I organized my finances (and straightened out some negative mindsets I had around money), structured my rituals, and deepened my relationship to food (more slowing down and mindful eating – yay!) – all in a way that still celebrated my inner feminine. Nisha has developed a program that truly shares vital wisdom and tools for living a more balanced life as an entrepreneur. She has created a beautiful model for feminine leadership that I LOVE and highly recommend you experience if you truly want to BE the change. Thank you, Nisha for your work in the world!”

Maria Molfino | Women’s Leadership Coach

Here’s how to know if this course is right for you…

  • You really dig the idea of being part of a supportive and loving sisterhood of ambitious women on a mission.
  • You’re up for supporting those women, and learning to move beyond any of your own comparison, jealousy, or judgment, so you can all soar.
  • On the outside, your life looks pretty great (and you truly are grateful for it) but you know there’s another level, and you want to feel great on the inside, too.
  • The idea of learning about, and moving through, the internal blocks that are keeping you from having your desires fulfilled is exciting.
  • You want to learn to be more productive AND more playful.
  • You really are fed up with feeling like a hamster in a wheel, like life is slipping by, and are truly ready to shake things up and make meaningful changes.
  • You’re open to the idea that making powerful changes doesn’t require you to work harder, but to bring your attention to the things you’ve been neglecting.
  • You’re up for serious fun and adventure.
  • You’re up for putting forth the effort to make the changes you want to see.


  • Weekly Action + Adventure: 8 chapters of coursework, complete with audio recordings and playsheets
  • 8 Weeks of Live Group Coaching With Nisha
  • Guest Mentor Trainings: Weekly interviews with some of the best in the world in their fields
  • Supportive Sisterhood: A private Facebook group filled with women you can trust
  • Handcrafted Gifts: The mala and art print
  • Instant Access to Foundations of Freedom: An interactive playsheet to set the foundation for the entire course
  • Fierce Fabulous Free Daily Journal: This journal takes just 5 minutes each morning and evening, and adds up to big impact over time.
  • $500 off Artistry of Freedom Tulum Retreat


“Fierce Fabulous Free was eye-opening and mind-blowing! I had many “ah-ha” moments around small things that are changing my life in big ways. My body has been begging for my attention and without Fierce Fabulous Free I might not have given it. The money chapter was just filled with practical tips that are working well for me. I’ve been having my weekly “money date” and the pile of unopened bills and old receipts that was always spilling onto my desk is gone.”

Debbie Philp | Wellness Guide

“Fierce Fabulous Free is the course everyone should do before they even look at doing any other course. No matter what industry you are in or where you want to go, it provides the most amazing foundation on which to build your dreams. It helps you take an honest look at your life in the areas that truly matter, but is so easy to get stuck on or avoid. As someone whose goal is to be a “Professional Liver and Lover of Life” the program provides a beautiful structure on which to build a life full of desire, dreams and delight. The audios by Nisha and the special guest lectures and the worksheets were so useful and bought about so much clarity as well as change. I had so much fun completing and implementing them. The Time one was absolutely massive for me. I have never been a planner but sitting down and REALLY looking at the next 12 months has bought about a delightful feeling of calm and ‘yes, I CAN do this.’”

Liz Deanna | Speaker. Coach. Entertainer.


I feel so devoted to your freedom, and so committed to delivering great value in this course, that I feel confident in offering you this Happiness Promise.

I like feeling happy. You probably do, too. And while no one is going to feel happy all the time, I want you to feel that this course is supporting you in deepening your life satisfaction each day.

If you’re not jazzed with this course, you have 14 days from the start date (February 14th) to email us at [email protected], and you can have all your money back. Plus, you can keep the Fierce Fabulous Free Daily Journal that we send you. No hard feelings.

Productivity isn’t about doing more,
it’s about doing better.

It’s alluring to believe that the solution to
overwhelm is just more work – checking
more off the list. But let’s face it, sister: the
list never ends. And while you’re
work-work-working, are you neglecting your
health, relationships, spirituality and play?
It’s time to refocus.

Enrollment is currently closed

If you missed the deadline, but know this course is for you please email [email protected] as we may still have a few spaces available.





The Virtual Freedom Mastermind is 4 month journey for up-to 20 women. This is a super supportive community of women that understands that strategy is powerful in service of soul, and business sustainability and life fulfillment are intimately connected.

Together, we are committed to expanding our leadership, cultivating true freedom in our hearts, lives, and in the world.

Deepen your leadership.
Grow your business.
Enrich your life.

Read more here.

Sign up for both Fierce, Fabulous, Free
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It would be such an honor to get to know you and support you in creating more freedom in your own life, so you can go out in the world and rock your mission in an even bigger way. The work will go deep, but you’ll feel lighter than ever. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to [email protected].


Pic“She’s mastered the art of knowing how to inspire and transform, while delivering grounded, practical wisdom.” Joshua Rosenthal | Founder, Integrative Nutrition

Pic“Fierce Fabulous Free has given me a peace of mind, a new context for my life that I don’t have to do EVERYTHING. What’s important is what works. I choose the context for my life and who I get to be.” Surelys Galano

“Fierce Fabulous Free helped me see that strong, masculine containers are really necessary for money as well as creativity, that doing the most IMPORTANT things with my time was much more effective than just always being busy with random things that wouldn’t make me proud, that being vulnerable in my friendships and telling them the truth of how I was feeling would take away the shame I was experiencing, that I need to ‘feel all the feelings’ in my heartbreak and find the gold at the heart of it, and be proud of how I loved. Nisha’s advice and love have been pure gold to me, and for that, I will be forever grateful.” Roshni Dominic